Offshoring Solutions for the Medical Industry with Origo BPO

Interest in offshoring within the medical industry has been steadily increasing in recent years as the industry seeks to reduce costs without compromising on service. While previously only tasks such as data entry were deemed appropriate for offshoring, as awareness and education around offshoring has increased more and more processes are being successfully moved offshore with the help of companies like Origo.

Origo uses sophisticated analytics, knowledge of medical industry processes and innovative technologies to enable Australian medical practices to adopt intelligent, effective long-term offshoring relationships.


Examples of processes which can be offshored with Origo include:

  • Patient account set-up
  • Appointment bookings and call-backs
  • Medicare services
  • Billing and account receivables
  • Enrollment services
  • Pharmaceutical benefits scheme management
  • Claims services
  • Membership services

Advantages of offshoring with Origo BPO

The qualified workforce, infrastructure and technology present in the Philippines makes it the ideal destination for offshoring solutions and Origo is perfectly placed to help your business grow and benefit through offshoring. Onboarding an offshored team reduces training and software costs, saves you time through giving you immediate access to experienced professionals ready to join your team and through redistributing your workload allows you to focus more heavily on providing quality healthcare for your patients. Origo helps you to achieve all of these benefits without compromise to the quality of your practice.

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